Security Solutions

Bitdefender Anti Virus License - Per User

Anti-virus and anti-malware protection are critical to securing your business assets against zero-day threats, viruses, and ransomware. But as silent workers in the background on our devices we often forget how important they are and exactly what they do to protect us.

Bitdefender has consistently ranked highly for its performance, usability and protection amongst industry experts, protecting 500 million devices every single day. Its proven track record from numerous accolades means it is one of the best and most recommended anti-virus products on the market.

  • Anti-virus and anti-malware Supreme protection against known and unknown threats to safeguard your systems against slowdowns and infections in real-time.

  • Dual-layered Firewall Blocks access to hijack attempts and features intrusion detection to stop malicious software from entering your system.

  • Web Filtering Protect your employees by blocking access to potentially harmful websites in search results when browsing the web.

  • Data Protection Prevents the loss of confidential data by setting filters that will block the transmission of sensitive information.

  • Remote and Local Quarantine Management Quarantined items can be managed centrally from the cloud console by IT or stored locally in the system so you always have access to your historical data.

  • Dashboard Monitoring and Reporting Gain access to on-demand or scheduled reports to monitor and control security activity with highly granular controls.

  • Simple Remote Deployment Save time by remotely installing protection on all computers that are unprotected.

  • Security and Location-aware Policies Enhance your company security by creating location-aware policies that adapt as your employees take their devices outside of work.

  • Features you can look forward to include
Managed Cloudflare Pro

Cloudflare for Professionals is ideal for people that want to protect and accelerate their professional websites or blog.

  • DSoS attack mitigation

  • Global Content Delivery Network

  • Enhanced Security with Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Lossless Image optimization

  • Automatic Mobile optimization

  • Cache Analytics

  • Core Features
Proton For Business - Monthly

Privacy and security suite for businesses, including all premium Proton services.

  1. 15 email addresses per user

  2. Support for 10 custom email domains

  3. Unlimited folders, labels, and filters

  4. Contact groups management

  5. Calendar sharing

  6. 10 VPN connections per user

  7. 500 GB storage per user

  8. Unlimited Hide My Email aliases