From providing pro-active advice on securing your website to helping cleanup after an attack, we've got it covered.

Secure Certificates

We provide industry leading secure (SSL/TLS) certificates to encrypt the data between your website and the user to ensure that information in transit is encrypted against prying eyes. Not only do we provide the certificate but we install and configure it on a server of your choice. We also take additional steps to ensure your webserver is configured to use the highest grade encryption mechanisms possible and protect against attacks against older/weaker protocols, such as HEARTBLEED & LOGJAM.

Secure Hosting

We provide our own secure managed hosting solutions, however another popular requirement is review of your server security. We will conduct a comprehensive review of your hosting solution, and provide recommendations on how to increase the levels of security to protect against attacks. We can also help you integrate third party solutions such as CloudFlare™ to help prevent issues such as Denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Code Review

We offer a code review service, to independently analyse your code and look for vulnerabilities such as XSS attacks, SQL injection, brute force potential and LFI/RFI inclusion vulnerabilities.

Website Cleanup

Has your website been hacked or defaced? User accounts or code compromised? We can assist with the cleanup operation and help restore your website, application or server to it's original state.

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