Expert Linux & UNIX Support

Let us look after your Linux / UNIX system so you can concentrate on your actual job!

Installation Assistance

Need help installing your Linux/UNIX system? Not sure of the most appropriate hardware, disk layout, or even distribution? We can help.

Application Configuration

Not sure how, or what Apache is, but need it installed ASAP? MySQL, or nginx? We can help with that to. Whatever your Linux or UNIX application from webservers to databases to FTP servers, we are certain we can assist.

Technical Support

Fairly comfortable with Linux / UNIX administration already, but wouldn't mind having the peace of mind of an expert available for the odd scenario you can't handle, or a serious problem? Or cover for when you go on holiday? We can help.

Crash Recovery

Has your only Linux / UNIX administrator gone on holiday, had an accident or generally unavailable during a time of urgent need, such as recovering a system from a hardware failure or other serious crash? Call us now, we will help you straight away, and have the knowledge and experience to provide rapid diagnosis and repair.

Contact one of our experts on +44 (0)203 598 2602 to see how we can help